111. Its a Good Night

Tonight I usually am playing Shadowrun with my friends. Due to certain circumstances, and timing no one showed up on time for the game. KC, Kai, Corinne, and I decided to come over to my house, and watch movies. Corrine mentioned that she had never seen Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail. I dont know how that is possible, but somehow she has made it 30 years without ever seeing such perfection in humor. So we popped in the DVD, and started watching such great scenes like The Black Knight, The Castle Anthrax, The Witch, and The Coconuts. I have seen this movie so may times, and know that if I had to I could probably quote the movie from start to finish with surprising accuracy.

While I may not be playing Shadowrun I am here with friends, watching a great movie, and Grace is cuddled up next to me. Life is good!