Humanities Extinction

It has been awhile since Hollywood has come out with a really good “end of the world” type movie.  Come to think of it, the last ones I can remember came out when I was still in high school.  Movies like Armageddon, The Day After Tomorrow, and Independence Day come to mind.

I would venture a guess that most human beings don’t think about the end of the world. Like death, I think we all know it will happen someday, but choose not to think about it. A problem for future generations to deal with.

The end may be sooner then you think, and worse it doesn’t look like the end of humanity will come by asteroid, alien invasion, or deadly storm.  The end, it seems, will come at the hands of humanity itself.

6975466-end-of-the-worldIn a recent interview Stephen Hawking theorizes that 1,000 years may be all humanity has left.  He warns that with advances in science & technology bring with it “new ways that things can go wrong.”

I am inclined to believe Hawking, but maybe for different reasons.  Humanity is becoming increasingly distracted to the realities of what is going on around them.  Social media, TV, and cell phones have lowered our attention spans significantly.  Obesity is at an all time high, and our schools and educational systems are eliminating the very things that make life worth living such as music, art, photography, theater, and more.

If humanity was to be wiped out tomorrow how would we want our species to be remembered?  If we only have 1,000 years left we should focus on more important things besides how many Facebook friends we have, or how many “likes” we got on our last Instagram photo.

Life is to be lived, felt, believed, and remembered.  If humanity only has 1,000 years left I hope we make those years ones of great significance and importance.  And I truly hope, before the end, that we can put our differences behind us, and come together as one species united.

My Trip To Utah

IMG_20140201_104013Last Thursday I drove out to Utah.  I had some scheduled client meetings in Salt Lake City on Friday, so on Thursday I found myself at the rental car agency looking for a mighty steed to take me to Utah and back.

“Well, I have two options for you.” The man behind the counter said “I have a very sensible Kia with good gas mileage and pleaty of leg room, or you can try out the brand new 2014 Chevy Camero”  My heart skipped a beat as I considered my options.  Sadly I decided to be an adult and go with the Sensible Kia, and after I signed my soul away to Enterprise-Rent-A-Car I was off.  Now if you have never driven from Seattle to Slat Lake you might wonder what you will see on such a long drive.  Allow me to enlighten you, and feed your ever growing curiosity.  You will see nothing.  I’m not kidding.  There was nothing but open road, trucks, and fields as far as I could see for 98% of that drive.  Luckily I had book 11 of The Dresden Files on audio and by the time I had arrived in Slat Lake I had completed the novel, and was ready for the next.

My meetings in Salt Lake went well, and I was pleased to finally meet some clients who I have spoken to on the phone for months.  Hopefully we can continue working together far into the future.

IMG_20140201_135924Saturday my brother and I decided to go skiing at Snowbird Ski Resort.  Now James and I are not huge fans of Snowbird, but he had a gift certificate there, so we thought we should be responsible adults and not spend money where we didn’t have to.  So we headed up the canyon and arrived at Snowbird just as a large snow storm hit the mountain.  Since James and I were unfamiliar with Snowbird, and to manly to consult a map, we took the first lift to the top of the mountain.  At the top of the mountain the storm was even worse and visibility was around three feet, but James and I made our way down the mountain.  I can even say we made our way down the mountain well.  None of our runs would have made it on a Warren Miller film, but our skill held and we got to the bottom.


On our second run up the mountain we decided to take a different lift, and were joined on the lift chair by a very talkative and merry Russian.  He was drinking vodka out of a nice custom made flas

k with the old Soviet Union Secret Police emblem engraved on it.  As the chair ascended up the hill he talked to us, and pointed out all the areas of the trail with trees, rocks, cliffs, and called them “playgrounds”.  He encouraged us to try them out, but suggested we go slow because there are rocks and other items along the trail that could kill us.  He then asked us whe

re we had been skiing all day, and told him we just came down Peruvian.  He seemed impressed and showed us a map pointing to the top of Peruvian and asked “You skied that?”  That was when James and I realized that all the trails coming down from Peruvian are double black diamonds.  I couldn’t help but feel a little pride in myself, and my skill when I realized that I had not only made it down the mountain on double black diamond trails, but I had done it well.

Later that night James, Kindra, Jennifer, and myself decided to go play Laser Tag at a local spot near their apartment.  James and I reluctantly agreed, because we are Laser Tag snobs, and if its not Laser Quest we have a


hard time feeling excited.  But we went, and played Laser Tag with Phaser like packs (Those of you who have played Laser Tag at a Laser Quest are feeling my pain right now), and we had a good time.

The night was finished off by watching the movie Hook, which I had been wanting to watch for some time.

Overall it was a pleasant trip to Utah for both business and personal reasons, and I look forward to the next time I can visit.


125. Star Wars Sequels?!?!

This past weekend rumors popped up that George Lucas was thinking about doing three more Star Wars movies. You would think this news would make Geeks everywhere jump up and down for joy, while performing their version of a happy dance. It doesn’t! Why? Because these rumors have been around for years. At least once or twice a year a rumor about this will pop up. Now its happened so many times that no one really believes them any more.

However here are a few small details that have come out with this most recent rumors.

1. Lucas is thinking about doing another 3 movies.
2. The movies would take place after Return of the Jedi.
3. The movies would not include any Skywalkers, so we can only assume that the movies would take place a long time after Return of the Jedi.

58. Harry Potter

OK so the last movie was such a HUGE let down, that despite all evidence I am hoping this one will be worth my money and time. In any case the trailer is a fun watch.