59. Kick, Punch, Strangle!!!

Dear Apple,
I have been a loyal fan of yours for several years. I have defended your products and software against what I thought were crazy PC lovers. I even went out and purchased your products when I really had no reason or need to have them. I purchased them because I thought they were good reliable products, and I wanted to support your company. Since you came out with the Iphone 4, and the new Iphone 4.0 software I have been becoming more and more frustrated with your company. First off I think that its complete bullshit that the Iphone 3G does not support multitasking. I personally think this is your companies way of forcing people to go out and buy ANOTHER Iphone. I recognize that its your company and you may do with it as you wish, but I find it VERY low! Second, ever since I installed the new Iphone 4.0 software I have been having problems with ALL of my apps. My GPS takes 3 ties as long to find signal, and most of the time the display does not work. My Ipod has started to sporadically playing songs with skips. It sounds like I am listening to a scratched CD. And finally my RunKeeper software has started failing, and randomly shutting down. This makes it almost impossible to accurately measure my performance. I have never come so close to throwing my Iphone into traffic, as I did today. I DID NOT have these issues BEFORE 4.0, and now I do. SO FIX IT!!!!