A Moment Of Honesty

Today has not been an easy day for me.  I spent the large majority of the day trying to help someone.  Someone that I care about.  I have, for the better part of a year done everything I could to help this person.  This includes financially, physically, I even put myself in possible legal trouble just to help this person.

So all of that being said, I spent most of the day helping this person, only to get railroaded and blamed for something I didn’t do.

af8263e4cdf77e4df36a9c371022aa21I’m tired of passive aggressive people, who take their own insecurities and problems out on others.

In the last week I have had to deal with this from my family, my friends, and a cowardly boss who continues to blame all his life’s problems on other people.

When I deal with passive aggressive people like this I have one of two reactions…

  1. Let my anger out, and blow up.
  2. Take off, and never let those people into my life again.

Neither solution is very healthy, but I have been dealing with this kind of drama most of my life.  My family is filled with negative, violent, passive aggressive jerks who would rather scream and yell at others, rather then see the problem within themselves.

Who knows maybe I am not much different, because try as I might I am still surrounded by drama, coming in from all sides, from people who take and take and take without ever giving anything back!

I am just worn out, and tired of helping people who really don’t care.

*end of rant*