Five Things Only An ENFP Will Understand

The internet is full of all kinds of personality tests, however I have always liked the Myers Briggs personality assessment.  Having taken the test multiple times I have always scored as an ENFP.

Truthfully this surprised me recently because I thought some of the experiences I’ve faced over the last few years had made me more introverted.  But alas I was wrong.  When I took the test just a couple months ago I once again scored as an ENFP.

Now there are many articles and blog posts about the strengths of an ENFP, but today I thought I would list out some things that only a true ENFP will understand.

  1. You can change the world with just an idea – I think Uncle Ben said it best when he spoke to Peter Parker “With great power comes great responsibility.”  ENFPs have the ability to inspire the people around them with nothing more then an idea.  This is both a blessing and a curse, because if the ENFP doesn’t follow through on that idea it can leave the people he/she inspired feeling abandoned and frustrated.tumblr_nbitvuEsB81ss8qfeo1_r3_500
  2. Finding The Energy To Leave The House – ENFPs love social interactions.  Parties, get togethers, conventions, meet-ups, etc.  But finding the energy to get out of the house to actually GO to these functions can be hard.  ENFPs know that they will have a good time IF they go, but sometimes finding the motivation to get out of the house can be hard.             Cameron-Is-Dying-In-Ferris-Buellers-Day-Off-Gif
  3. Appreciating The Here and Now – ENFPs are terrible at looking at the grass on the other side of the fence.  I have a little experience in this personally, and I can share with you that the grass is not always greener on the other side.  You could have the perfect relationship, job, party, or social group, but there is always that little nagging voice at the back of your mind telling you that there might be something better out there.  DON’T listen to that voice!  Be present in the here and now, and enjoy the things life has blessed you with!18
  4. Getting Bored Easily – ENFPs get bored 1000 times faster than most humans beings out there.  Recently I had a conversation with a coworker who was musing that she wished for a slow and uneventful night.  As she spoke all I could think was how incredibly boring that sounded.  As an ENFP we are very good at organizing chaos, finding balance in pressure, and high stress situations.  It’s the mundane, regular routines that trip us up.                                                         AkkpP
  5. Finding Our Ideal Self – An ENFP is truly a unique and special kind of person.  We are creative, passionate, driven, focused, and talented.  All those qualities are wonderful things to have at your disposal, but finding the right environment to foster, and cultivate those skills can be difficult.  That is why we have a tendency to leap into things head first when we feel the situation nurtures our natural talents.  I myself have embraced so many things throughout my life…rock climbing, crossfit, writing, music, art, acting, theater, books, hiking, swimming, etc.  With all these interests it can sometimes be a monumental task for an ENFP to truly know who they are.  But one thing is certain, an ENFP will always be striving to better themselves, on a quest to become their most ideal self.13082143_10153763698041032_262007970_n