42. My Super Secret Project Revealed

OK I confess it was never that super secret of a project. Once I got the OK to move forward with this I starting talking about it with people right away. A few months ago I started listening to podcasts. I know your all thinking of something along the line of “Your just now getting into podcasts?”, and the answer is yes, so just let it go. Now I dont know what kind of podcasts all of you listen to, but I listen to very geeky podcasts…I know this comes as a huge surprise! Some of the podcasts I enjoy are Ace and Tj who are a local radio show in Charlotte NC. I remember listening to them when they first aired. In fact if I remember correctly I think my sister Jessica and I heard their very first show while we were driving to Seminary one morning.

Note: For all of my non-Mormon friends. Seminary is an early morning scripture class that is “voluntary” for all Mormon children to attend who are in high school. So each and everyday of the week Mormon kids all over the world get up at 5:30 in the morning and attend seminary from 6 to generally 6:45. Got to love those “voluntary” activities. And now back to our story.

I also enjoy two of Wil Wheaton’s podcasts. They are Memories of the Future Cast and Radio Free Burrito. Both are very funny, and keep me very entertained while driving in my truck.

I recently added two new podcasts into my ipod that I have not actually listened to yet, but have heard GREAT things about. The first is Seattle Geekly and the second is The Nerdist.

Now the problem with all things great is there is never enough of it. As all of you know I love all things geek. When I started listening to these podcasts I downloaded every episode and started listening to them from the beginning. I know that there are others out there who crave and yearn for more things Geek, so thanks to my Brother-in-Law Matt who has, and continues to send me great content for this blog (Thanks Matt!), has given me a great idea!

You see Matt is thinking of starting a podcast on a subject that he finds important. I wont spill the details yet, but rest assured when its up and running I will be posting a link. At first when I heard he was starting a podcast I was impressed, but not interested. Then the more I heard about how much time and effort he is putting into it I got more and more interested. So I have no doubt that its going to be a great podcast and am looking forward to sending you guys his way when it comes out!

Now the other day I was driving in my truck listening to a podcast. As I was doing so I was thinking about two things, Matts podcast, and all the geeks that surround me in this area. I thought to myself wouldnt it be cool to do a podcast here in Olympia? As I thought about it more I got an even greater idea. What if I teamed up with my friend Gabi over at Olympic Cards and Comics and we did a podcast together? This would be good for the shop, and good for Geeks in the local area. We could review comics, and games, talk about upcoming events, maybe get a nerd interview or two. The more I thought on it the more awesome it sounded, but would Gabi approve? So in an effort to be clear of what I wanted to do I sent Gabi an email in the early morning. By about 3:00 that afternoon I was REALLY nervous because Gabi had not responded back to my email. I waited I think another hour or so and then I decided to call her. She picked up and I explained what I wanted to do, and much to my delight and glee she said YES!!!!!!!!!

So now comes the organization. Below I have constructed a short list of things needed to make this happen, and on a few I am asking for help, advice, and suggestions from anyone who might have experience in this area.

1. The Name – Every podcast needs a good name, and right now the only suggestion that has been made is The United Federation of Geeks Podcast. What do you think? Any others?

2. The Equipment – As far as software goes I plan to use Garage Band on my Mac Book, but I do need help with things like microphones, and digital recorders.

3. A Website – We of course will need a website for show notes and cool links. Anyone have any good suggestions there? I kinda already have a handle on this one as I am already neck deep in redoing a website for another group I am a part of, but I wont turn down any suggestions.

4. The Content – I know I listed some things up top, but what do you the future listener want to hear about, talk about, reviewed, or discussed?

Let the Super Secret Podcast Project Begin!!!!!!!!!!!!