Project Gratitude 2014 – Day 17

OK I have been really bad about this.  This was a major 2014 goal of mine, because expressing thanks for the things we have is important.  It helps us remember the posative aspects of our life, and keeps us from getting overwhelmed by the negative parts.  Today I am grateful for…

    1. Fraiser – When I was in high school while all the other kids were watching 90210 I watched Fraiser.  The show was funny, and no matter what kind of mood I was in could always make me laugh and smile.  I always enjoyed hearing about Seattle, and think its wonderful that I now get to live and work so close to a city I grew up admiring.  I also really enjoy the style found in the show.  From wine, fine dining, suites, artwork, and more, I have always enjoyed fine things.
    2. Experimenting – Piggybacking on Fraiser I decided to try an experiment today.  In the show Fraiser and Niles are always drinking Sherry.  I have never had Sherry before so I decided to try some tonight.  I went with a cream blend and…about choked!  This is a VERY sweet drink.  I am not sure if its because I bought a cream or if that’s how all Sherry tastes, but it has A LOT of sweetness to it.  I am not sure if I will buy another bottle after I finish this one, but I am thankful for the experience and the adventure.
    3. My Fit Geeks – Several years ago I started Geek and Gamer Fitness

. Tonight while I was running the Friday night class I was so proud of how inclusive my Fit Geeks are. They support and encourage each other, while pushing themselves to be the best they can. I was very impressed with Chris tonight who really pushed himself hard tonight. He had missed part of Monday nights class, and was doing his best to make up for it. I was very proud of him.


Project Gratitude 2014 Day 8

Today I am grateful for…

1. My work ethic. Today I was talking to Terra about others we know and their work ethic. While we were talking I realized that I actually do have a good, creative, focused work ethic.

2. My friend JC who fearlessly negotiated the price for the Geek and Gamer Fitness Con Shirts.

3. Fires in my fireplace. Need I say more?