34. A Failed Night of Gaming

This week I am up in Seattle all week covering for one of my project safety guys. The project we are on requires us to have an on site safety person at all times we have crews working. On Monday I was informed that my safety guy would be out sick all week, and that I needed to cover for him till he returned. This really is not a major issue, and I have done this before, but trying to hold down the safety responsibilities of a project, and do my own job remotely is always a challenge. So when quitting time came yesterday I was anxious to get home and get a good run in with Terra and our running group. Now for those of you not familiar with Washington State and its ONE highway, consider yourself blessed. I left Seattle at 4:00PM, and it took me an hour and a half to get home. The drive usually (without traffic) takes 45 minutes to an hour. Our running group meets at 5:45, and Terra had already left for the meet up. So with 15 minutes I raced into the house changed into my running clothes, and rushed back out to the car. Terra and I had talked a few minutes prior, and since we were both sure I was going to be late we had decided to meet at a different location since by the time I would arrive they would have already started their run. So I would be meeting them on the trail. When I got there I saw no sign of the group, and figured after a few minutes that they had gone a different route that day. So I still wanted to run so I took off on my own.

Now the area we run winds its way around Capitol Lake. I decided since Tuesdays are usually our speed training day that I was going to run around the lake as fast I could go. I have no idea how fast I was going, due to the rain I did not want to take my Iphone out with me and expose it to the weather, but I was booking it. By the time I got to the end of the trail I was VERY winded, but felt like I had done a good run. Thats when I looked up and saw our running group heading straight for me. All I could think of was CRAP! So we met up and I turned around and started running with them….for about 20 seconds. I continued running, but had spent most of my energy on my first lap, so after the afore mentioned 20 seconds I started to fall behind. I finished the second lap, but it was not my best run.

After our run Terra and I headed home and began discussing what we wanted to do that night. I suggested we invite our friends over for dinner and gaming on the PS3. This is a usual thing for us about once every 2-3 weeks. Usually we will have our friends Kai and Eve over for dinner, and then Kai, Eve, and Myself will try our best to advance our level on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We like to play the Special Ops portion of the game which has a series of levels that one must complete on a certain difficulty to advance to the next level. Until last night the three of us have always made some sort of progress in that direction. As I have mentioned before its usually Kai, Eve, and myself, but last night Eve couldn’t make it. So Kai and I did our best to take on the game by our selves. We failed miserably! The game kicked our butts! After multiple attempts we could not make a single progression in the game. FInally we called it a night and turned the game off disappointed in our lack of success.

However we made up for it by watching the pilot episode of The Tick: Live Action Show. Kai had never seen the show, and I think he was scared for life after he had. But not to worry I promised him that I would make him watch the entire 13 episodes of the show.