Who Forgot To Update His Website?


In my defense I have been sick for going on a week, and whatever this is, it’s been zapping my strength & motivation.

Yesterday afternoon I felt like I had been hit by a freight truck.  It seemed every ounce of energy I had had been sucked out of me, and all I wanted to do was sleep.  But alas, I couldn’t.  I had to go to work.

Throughout my entire shift I dreamed of my bed, and how comfortable it was going to feel to just collapse into it, and drift off into dream land.  That very thought is what motivated me throughout my entire shift to just keep going.

Imagine my disappointment when I arrived home, exhausted, tired, worn out, and couldn’t fall asleep.


I tossed and turned for hours, and finally drifted off to a shallow sleep sometime around 4AM.

Sleep, for me, has always been a tricky thing.  Growing up I could never get enough of it, and anyone who knows me will assure you that I am NOT a morning person.  Trust me! You have better luck waking up a 3 day old corpse than you do getting me out of bed in the morning.

But as an adult, especially the last 5 years or so, sleep has eluded me.  Night comes, and my brain starts to think too much.

Sometimes I will just lay in bed, reading, or watching a show on Netflix.  Other times I will just stare at the ceiling.

Now I will say that some of this is my own fault.  I sleep much better when I am meditating regularly. The last month or so I have been very spotty on my meditation practice.

Today I am going to make it a point to mediate twice, and I am hoping that I will be able to sleep soundly tonight.

Anyways that really is all I have for now.  So till next time, be safe, and try not to do anything I would do 😉

Grace Trying To Sleep

Grace decided to join me in my office while I worked today. I decided to bug her, and take a picture of her while she is trying to sleep.