Journeying Through Dark Academia: My Tumblr-Inspired Exploration of Swan House

In November 2013, I embarked on a curious journey by joining the whimsical realm of Tumblr. Little did I know then how profoundly this seemingly frivolous platform would impact my life, enduring through the years to 2023. As I ventured into Tumblr’s eclectic tapestry, my attention was consistently ensnared by a particular aesthetic: Dark Academia.

Within the labyrinth of Tumblr, I found myself captivated by images portraying the allure of Dark Academia – be it the enchanting libraries, partially consumed cups of coffee, or the spellbinding creations of art and architecture. Amidst the plethora of geeky GIFs and whimsical memes that populate my Tumblr feed, the profound affection for Dark Academia emerges as a recurring theme in my posts.

This affection naturally transcended the digital realm and permeated my world of photography, leaving an indelible mark on my portfolio. The unmistakable influence of Dark Academia can be readily discerned in my body of work.

Therefore, when the opportunity arose this past weekend to visit Swan House, nestled in Atlanta, Georgia, I eagerly seized it. Despite the interference of my ever-restless ADHD, which initially compelled me to resist leaving the comforts of home, I can unequivocally say that venturing out was a decision well made. The sprawling beauty of Swan House’s 33-acre estate left me in awe, and the images I captured during my visit are nothing short of breathtaking.

Remarkably, even after spending nearly four hours exploring the grounds, I had only scratched the surface, having covered a mere quarter of the extensive estate. I eagerly anticipate my return, eager to delve deeper into the remaining acres and gather more photographic treasures.

Where Have I Been

You have probably noticed a lack of posts over the last two weeks and wondered…Where have I been? Let’s be honest you probably did not think that, and truth be told we all have lives to live and me not posting probably didn’t even cross your mind. That’s ok.

But I have been absent the last two weeks and probably will continue to be absent for at least another week. In the last two weeks I have traveled to Great Falls Montana, San Fransico CA, Los Angeles CA, Tempe AZ, and a few more cities in and around those areas. This coming week I will be traveling to Colorado, Oregon, California (again), and Hawaii.

The last two weeks have been an adventure, to say the least, and I have had my camera in hand at every opportunity, taking photos of my travels.

Some of these images have garnered an emotional reaction on my Instagram. So much so that I ordered a batch of postcards to be sent out to those interested. The postcard will feature one of the images above, but I am not telling which one. Those who want a postcard will just have to wait by the mailbox and be surprised.

I promise to update you on all my travels and such in the future, but for now, enjoy these images and I will see you next I get a chance.

Till then have a great day and make good art.