137. Orphans Thanksgiving

I know this may come as a surprise to some of you, but yesterday was Thanksgiving. I know, I know it came as a shock to me to, but we carry on through these difficult times.

Anyways we, and by we I mean several friends of mine, decided that since many of us had no family whatsoever here in Washington we were going to hold our own Orphans Thanksgiving, and be our own family. Dale and Leanne offered their home for use, and plans started to be formed.

Finally the day came, and I decided to SLEEP IN!!! Technically I should have gotten up and gone running with my wife in the turkey trot 4 miler (She came in second in her age group…go Terra!), but there was snow on the ground, it was REALLY cold, and I had had a REALLY bad day at work the day before and wanted to escape to dream land!

When she got back we packed up the food and headed over. The food was wonderful! Leanne cooked the most tender turkey I have ever tasted, Trish had some really good twice baked potatoes, Leanne also cooked banana bread, and of course all the stuffing, side dishes, and drinks we could handle.

Over dinner I read The Geeks Thanksgiving Day prayer, and then followed the prayer with an intense conversation that ranged in topics from Aliens, String Theory, Government Conspiracies, Zombies, M Theory, and many many more complex topics. Devin has a tendency to do that to us in conversation, and for some reason we all love it!

After dinner I participated in the LONGEST game of Magic I have ever played in my life, and then we headed home to enjoy a nice movie and fire in the fire place.

Overall I would say despite all the crap and concern going on in my life right now, that my first Orphans Thanksgiving was a GREAT one!

Thanks to all my friends!