87. Primeval

Recntly I have been seeing Terra watch a show called Primeval. At first I was not really interested in this show because I thought she was watching the show for Andrew Lee Potts. Terra developed a crush on Andrew when she first watched the Sci Fi Original Alice.

Yesterday we spent all day at the Washington Ren Fair, and when we got home I really just wanted to relax and watch a movie. I knew Terra enjoyed Primeval, and asked if she would like to watch it. My only request was that we start the show at the beginning so I would know what was going on. Terra agreeded, and we got the show started. After the first show I was hooked. I liked this show for a number of reasons.

1. Shows like these give me a lot of hope when it comes to my writing. I think for most people who create things worry that people will not like them. When I see stories that have become popular that have interesting, and off the wall plots it gives me hope that my off the wall, interesting stories will be liked.

2. Its a show about Dinosaures what more do you need?!!?

3. There is a good amount of mystry in the plot that you have to wonder where the show is going to go, and how certain issues will be resolved.

There are also a few things that I dont like about the show.

1. They leave a lot of side stories left unfinished. For example in one of the shows a young kid is attacked by a Dino, and no one belives his story. They never resolve that story, and I didnt like that. Another episode has a chracter become infected with a parasite. The parasite is passed from person to person by biting. The infected person bites a doctor, and the doctor is infected. While they show what happens to the main infected person they never show what happens to the doctor.

2. Similar to my previous issue is they dontexplain WHY certain things happen. I know I am being vauge but I dont want to spoil the show for anyone.

Over all I think its a good show and am looking forward to watching more of it.