38. Blogs and Websites

Several moths ago I participated in Lent with a friend of mine and gave up Facebook and Twitter for 40 days. The results of this was (after a few days) I didn’t miss it anymore. Today I rarely check twitter unless I am in a meeting, I do this to give my sub-conscious brain something to focus on so my conscious mind can pay attention. I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but it works. Now back to the topic. I am only on Facebook for 5-10 minutes (give or take), and I have about 23 Blogs and Websites I check on a daily basis. These 23 blogs and websites I enjoy, but I have noticed the want to have these websites post more often. I find myself disappointed so often when I go to check these sites and find no new content. Looking at this from a positive point of view this disappointment has helped encourage me to start posting on a daily basis.

Despite the fact that I have been disappointed from time to time by the lack of new content I thought I would share with all of you some of my favorite blogs and websites.

A vast collection of Geek, Nerd, Dork, Movie, TV, and comic news

The Official Star Wars Blog
Need I say more?

Panels on Pages
When Other Geeks Just Wont Do

The Blog of my favorite author John Scalzi

Wil Wheaton
The Blog of author, blogger, and actor Wil Wheaton

Matador Network
The Best Online Travel Magazine

Club Jade
Shamelessly indulging in melodramatic space trash since 1995

The Garffs
One of my cousins Blog

American in Beirut
My Brother in Law Matt’s Blog

Geeks are Sexy
Well They Are!

Think Geek
Stuff for every Geek on your shopping list!

Mac Rumors
My source for all things Mac.

Great White Snark
Geek humor and entertainment.

The official Dragoncon Blog

Topless Robot
More Geek, Nerd, and Dork news.

Letters for the Better
The Blog of my friend Melissa where she writes letters to people in her life. Sadly she doesn’t post very often.

Geeks with Curves
Just a girl with a love for Lord of the Rings, graphic novels, Dungeons & Dragons (yes, those are my dice in the above pic), all things Whedon, Battlestar Galactica, the magical interwebz, comics, costumes, webcomics, renfaires, and most things science fiction and fantasy. I am mildly obsessed with Star Wars.

The Barnes
Another cousins Blog

One My Way To Boston
My wife’s journey to the Boston Marathon

I have skipped a couple because they are private, but maybe a few of you will find the enjoyment I have from these sites and blogs.