What Is The Internet Doing To Our Brains

What impressed me most about this video, was not the video itself. As I watched this video my brain was telling me to go check Facebook, pick up my phone, look at Twitter, etc. I physically had to focus on the video and push the distractions out of my mind. I have toyed and played with the idea of “unplugging” each day with ups and downs in success. Terra is out of town next week so the idea of “unplugging” seems like it would be easier if its just me.

So here is the plan. Starting tomorrow I will unplug each night at 7:00pm PST. No phone, no computer, no TV or electronic of any kind. From 7-10:30pm I will focus on working on one project, something creative. Then I will report back here the following day.

Would anyone else like to join me in this week long challenge?