127. World of Warcraft…Again

So I am downloading the current patch of World of Warcraft. I dont really know why, I havent played in months, but with the new expansion coming out I find I am being drawn back into the wake that is WoW. I am thinking about starting a new character, a Worgen. A Worgen is a werwolf, and surprisingly is an Alliance character. In the new expansion Worgens are with the Alliance and Goblins are with The Horde. I find this VERY odd, because I have been through Duskwood and I am pretty sure Worgens are NOT Alliance material, but I could be wrong. The idea of starting a new character in WoW after the world has been completed changed is, well, fun sounding. I know, I know I go back and forth on loving, liking, and hating the game, but I think this will be a mild like for this time around, and will bring me entertainment when I choose to play.

119. Cataclysm is Here…or Not

So with the most recent patch to our beloved World of Warcraft comes the inevitable problems and resets that have come with every patch Blizzard has put out.

Here are just a few of the wonders you can expect when you log onto WoW after updating.

Your talents are all reset
None of your addons will work correctly
Your spells don’t do what they did before.
Stat changes are in place (no more spell hit or defense, etc)
Your gems are all different (and will almost certainly need to be replaced)

I must confess that I am excited for Cataclysm, and I am sure that the undertaking of changing the entire WoW world is far larger then I can even imagine, but does every patch require me to update, redo, or reinstall everything that helps me play the game?