3 Things Only Writers Will Understand

Just as with any profession, hobby, sport, or group there are just some things that only those on the inside can understand.  Writing, being such a solitary occupation, has many, and I think it important that we illuminate some of those funny little quirks that come with being a writer.

  • Writing is NOT easy – Writing a story or novel is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Sure, occasionally I have moments where the words flow easily, and my fingers dance across the keyboard.  But the truth is most of the time feels like I am chipping away at a block of granite with nothing more than a tiny hammer and nail.writers+block_fed465_5042647


  • Checking Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram/GoodReads Instead of Writing – Need I say more? Writers can get horribly distracted, and have been known to spend HOURS avoiding writing by spending the same amount of time on social media.635782344443617711-1829239976_1417189252-indecisive-penny-big-bang-netflix


  • Trying to Find An Idea For A New Blog Post – Not every blog post was gifted to us as a wonderful idea.  Sometimes we have to go looking for ideas, and figure out ways we can rewrite something for our own audience without plagiarizing someone else’s work.  Unfortunately all this searching can sometimes lead us to falling into checking social media…see above.tumblr_navhxu2vEH1rdh9azo1_500


What are some things YOU think only writers would understand?  Post them in the comments below.