I’m Afraid

Today while I was practicing Yoga, and meditating I had some thoughts I wanted to share about fear.102545951_yoga_377x171

So much has changed for me over the last several years, and because of that change I am sometimes afraid to be myself around family, friends, people I meet, online, etc.

It can be scary to fully express yourself to someone without hiding or censoring parts of who you are.  Especially when you have opened up to others before, only to have them use it against you.

For sometime now I’ve held a lot of myself back.  The amount of people following me, and watching my progress kinda freak me out.  Some people I know watch me to see me fail. Others watch with hope and pray for me to succeed.  And then there is every other kind of person watching me that fall somewhere in between.

I’ve a;ways been worried about being judged, or people not understanding what I was trying to do.

Now that I am out of WA, and living in CA I have come to realize something important.  By not allowing myself to be open and authentic it created tension, resistance, and insecurity.

We all need to love ourselves for who we are.  We need to allowed ourselves to have a voice, and let it be heard.  We need to allow ourselves to be a light, and stand with confidence.

There is no reason to be ashamed of what you love and believe in.  We need to support and empower others.

Create spaces of creativity, and strength.

Compliment more and criticize less.

I believe that if we all work harder to unify instead of destroy the world will be a better place.