2023 Cabinet Cards – Sith Jade

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Anyone who has ever been to Vegas is probably familiar with “card slappers” handing out pornographic cards on the strip. These cards usually are advertising numbers, and web addresses for sex workers. What you might not know is that there is a long and lengthy history to the idea of pornography on cards…

…Going back to the 19th century, in and around Paris France there was a booming trade of what was then referred to as “cabinet cards“. Collectors from all over would buy, sell, trade, and exchange these cards, usually under discrete and secret meetings. Collectors would hide these cards away within their homes, sometimes within boxes or tins to disguise the contents of what was inside.

Thankfully, today, collectors do not need to be nearly as discreet when it comes to such items, and that is why I have decided to create my own set of cabinet cards in the year 2023.

Each month I will release a new set of 6 cards, each featuring a new model. To the motivated collector who acquired each months set would yield him/her/they 72 cards to complete the deck. Further, and collector who purchases each months set will receive a special gift at the end of the year that will go nicely with their collection.

For January 2023 I am releasing the first set of cabinet cards and our featured model is SITH JADE. Sith is an accomplished model, burlesque performer, creative, and more. Her set of cards are the first in the 2023 collection and feature fellow model and friend Maeve. As many of you know Maeve is a frequent and favorite model in my work, and for those of you who are admires of Maeve fear not…Maeve will be getting her own personal set later on in 2023.

Thank you for being a part of this new collection. I am excited to bring this collection to life over the course of this year. Sith may be the first of this collection, but there are 11 more models yet to be revealed. Any guesses on who the next model will be?

Purchase your Sith Jade Cabinet Cards HERE