Are You Important?

Most people want to feel important.  This isn’t a new concept or feeling, and with the rise of social media platforms its very easy for people to feel important.  How many Twitter followers do you have?  How many likes did your post on Facebook receive?  Did your latest Instagram photo get a lot of hearts?  Like I said, its easy to “feel” important, but does that actually mean you are important?  When I look at Facebook the most liked posts often include either a baby or boobs.  The most popular twitter posts generally have something to do with the latest episode of some TV show, and Instagram, like Facebook, has a lot of babies and boobs.

I often see people posting on these various social media platforms desperate for likes, RT, and hearts, but they never really care about creating something of quality.  What I see as even worse is social media is becoming more important than building actual relationships.  Shouldn’t our real life friendships be more important than our online ones?

I am reminded of a conversation I had with my wife a few weeks ago.  I was telling her a story about a friend of mine, and she asked me “Is this a real friend or someone you know online?”  The question stopped me dead in my download (2)tracks.  For a moment I honestly didn’t know how to respond.  I soon recovered, told her this was a real friend, and continued my story, but the experience has stuck with me.

At the beginning of the year I decided to perform an experiment.  I decided to choose 3 real friends, and focus all year on improving my relationships with those three people.  Each week I try to do something in person with each friend, more so, I try make each “something” meaningful.  Something that will strengthen our relationship.

I also decided to pick 10 “online” friends, and once a month I try to do something that will bring us closer to being “real” friends.  To be honest I have had mixed results on this part of the experiment, but I can tell you that the three people I chose to spend quality time with has been a wonderful experience.

I encourage you to do the same.  Find 3 people you care about, and each week do something with them that will bring your friendship closer together.  Because in the end it doesn’t matter how many likes we get on Facebook, or how many RT we get on Twitter.  Be honest with yourself.  If you died tomorrow how many of your “Online” friends would really miss you?  Think about that.

Just To Be Different – A Follow Up

Yesterday my friend Kiri Callaghan wrote a blog post entitled Just To Be Different.  I loved every word of it, because it brought out a feeling that I have carried with me for a long time.  I, like my friend Kiri, would spend hours customizing the look and feel of my characters in games.  I can still remember the first time I played NeverWinter Nights.  I must have spent at least two hours adjusting everything about my character until I got it just right!

When it came to adjusting my own look & style I was no different.  I would find a look or style I liked off of a TV or movie character and try and incorporate it into my own personal style.  And it did not end there.  I would randomly rearrange the furniture in my room, or apartment, change the cut or style of my hair, mess with the display settings on my computer, and constantly tweet the notification sounds on my phone.

Today, not much has changed.  I am balding, so there is little I can do with changing my hair style.  However I have decided I like the buzzed head look and feel.  But I still enjoy customizing and changing different aspects of my look & style.  I have fallen in love with tattoos, and am quickly developing a list of tattoos I want to get.

I look around and see so many people who loose this sense of creativity.  They stop feeling their sense of unique expression, and they fall into the suite and tie mentality.  They start saying to themselves that they are an adult now, and should start acting like an adult.  Whenever I hear that I want to scream!  I am 32 years old, I make a good living, am responsible, own my own car, pay my bills, and live in a nice house.  That has always been the definition of being an adult to me.

Why did people start thinking that the only way you could be an adult was to give up all your creativity, and love for unique self expression!  I say this as I sit in my office, surrounded by other professionals, while I wear my brand new Doctor Who T-Shirt.  I was so excited when this shirt came in the mail, and I have really enjoyed wearing it today.

I guess my point is be creative, be unique, be different.  I don’t care if you are a child or an adult.  Don’t let the world dictate what you should wear, how you should style you hair, or if you should get a tattoo.  Do it, and be proud of it!

A VERY Full House

I remember as a child watching Full House, and thinking to myself there are a lot of people in that very tiny house. The house seemed to go on forever with (from the top down) having a full size finished attic, upstairs with at least 4 bedrooms, a main floor with living, dinning, and kitchen areas, a garage, and full size finished basement. I was amazed at how comfortable everyone seemed living there. Well that was TV.

Today I find myself in somewhat of the same circumstances as Full House. A friend of ours moved in on Sunday, and we are happy to have her staying with us. She brings with her a wonderful four legged pitbull named Zurg. So the total count for the house is 3 adults, 2 dogs, two birds, and a cat. The dogs are getting along fairly normal, and the birds are loud as always. But overall we are in a good christmas spirit (even though Christmas is over), and looking forward to having our friend staying with us.

Richie is Coming to Town

I am on my way to go pick up my friend Richie. He lives in Knoxville TN, and was able to make it out here for the week to spend Christmas with Terra and I. I have not seen Richie in over a year and a half, and am really excited to hang out this week. Be rest assured that crazy antics, gaming, and cool pictures are on their way!

Our New House Guest

You have no idea how hard this picture was to take. This is Soesha. She belongs to our friend Corinne. Corinne is currently in Florida at Disney World. She asked Terra and I to watch Soesha till December 12. Now this really isnt a bad thing, and Soesha is an adorable dog, but there are a few things that I didnt expect.

1. Grace is doing her usual I am the Queen of the house and try to assert her dominance by puffing her chest out, and walking in a manly, yet dainty, fashion.
2. Grace like to bark. Soesha likes to bark. Fred (bird number one) likes to squawk, and Peanut (bird number two) also likes to squawk. When someone comes to the door and rings the door bell, all hell breaks loose in our house as every animal in our home starts to make noise as loud as they can.
3. Soesha is a VERY small dog. Spock (our cat) is bigger then she is! I am not kidding! I now have to watch where I step as there might be a small animal under my large feet.

However despit all the noise, and small things under feet Soesha has been a wonderful house guest.

Oh and I meant to tell you how hard that picture was to take. I took a total of 15 pictures, and every time the camera timer would click Soesha would look away. It took Terra holding food in front of the camera, and me holding her to get that picture. I hope you are all happy. I did it for you readers!

135. I Never Thought I would Be Glad A Weekend Was Over

Why you ask? Well its because I spent all weekend MOVING! Thats right Terra and I have given up Apartment life, and moved into a wonderful house. It took all weekend, but we finally got everything into the house. We still have to clean up and repair a few things in the old apartment, but that can be taken care of soon.

To all my friends who came over and helped me this weekend, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I could not have done it without you!

111. Its a Good Night

Tonight I usually am playing Shadowrun with my friends. Due to certain circumstances, and timing no one showed up on time for the game. KC, Kai, Corinne, and I decided to come over to my house, and watch movies. Corrine mentioned that she had never seen Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail. I dont know how that is possible, but somehow she has made it 30 years without ever seeing such perfection in humor. So we popped in the DVD, and started watching such great scenes like The Black Knight, The Castle Anthrax, The Witch, and The Coconuts. I have seen this movie so may times, and know that if I had to I could probably quote the movie from start to finish with surprising accuracy.

While I may not be playing Shadowrun I am here with friends, watching a great movie, and Grace is cuddled up next to me. Life is good!

51. Alone

So Terra has scampered off to the east coast to spend some much needed time with her family. She has some weddings and a race she is going to run, and will be gone around 3 and a half weeks. While the idea of being aprat from her that long is not thrilling I am happy that she can spend time with family. I have a great deal planned while she is gone. I find staying busy keeps me from watching large amounts of sci-fi shows and movies. I want to finish reading a book, complete the desk I have been refinishing, and maybe get a few other goals crossed off the old check list. There is only one problem with this.

While I have these plans, getting them done will be difficult. The last two nights I have found myself being invited over for dinner at various friends homes. Each night I have had a wonderful time. Tonight my friend Kai and I advanced one more star in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game (Go Us!). Last night Jordan and I had a wonderful time killing Zombies in Call of Duty: World at War. (Go Us Again!) I really enjoy my friends out here. They are some of the best friends I have had in ages. Despite that I may need to say no to hanging out a few nights if I am going to accomplish my goals for the next three weeks. Hmmm what to do, what to do…..

59. Cons and Exercise

So yesterday I had a conversation with my friend Richie. Richie and I made a deal last year that we wanted to work out really hard and go dressed as Spartan Warriors to

    Dragoncon in 2010. Both of us have worked really hard and done very well. I have lost 62 lbs, and Richie says he is in the toning phase.

    What I find interesting is that we are now at 72 days left till Dragoncon, and it seems that a lot of people are starting to workout for Dragoncon. On my twitter feed I have it set up to update anytime someone tweets about Dragoncon. Since we passed the 100 day mark I have been seeing a ton of people start talking about their Dragoncon exercise program, and diet plans. Most of them are doing this for the same reason that Richie and I are, to be able to fit into or look good in their choice of outfit. I mean lets face it, NO ONE wants to see a fat Superman or a Fat Princess Leia!

    This is the first year that I have really worked hard to lower my weight for a costume. When I started working out I weighed 262 lbs, and today I weigh 200 lbs. I am hoping to reach my goal of 180 lbs. As I was thinking about this I started to wonder what was the craziest thing someone has ever done when it came to working out and loosing weight for a costume. Also I would be interested to know what is the most amount of weight anyone has ever lost to be able to fit into a costume. I would love to feature some of these stories on my blog about peoples exercise and weight goals for a costume or a con.

    If you have a good story for how you lost weight for a costume or a con please submit it to

    The best stories will be featured here on my blog. I know you are all so excited about that. Please try and contain your excitement.

    Till next time stay geeky!

42. My Super Secret Project Revealed

OK I confess it was never that super secret of a project. Once I got the OK to move forward with this I starting talking about it with people right away. A few months ago I started listening to podcasts. I know your all thinking of something along the line of “Your just now getting into podcasts?”, and the answer is yes, so just let it go. Now I dont know what kind of podcasts all of you listen to, but I listen to very geeky podcasts…I know this comes as a huge surprise! Some of the podcasts I enjoy are Ace and Tj who are a local radio show in Charlotte NC. I remember listening to them when they first aired. In fact if I remember correctly I think my sister Jessica and I heard their very first show while we were driving to Seminary one morning.

Note: For all of my non-Mormon friends. Seminary is an early morning scripture class that is “voluntary” for all Mormon children to attend who are in high school. So each and everyday of the week Mormon kids all over the world get up at 5:30 in the morning and attend seminary from 6 to generally 6:45. Got to love those “voluntary” activities. And now back to our story.

I also enjoy two of Wil Wheaton’s podcasts. They are Memories of the Future Cast and Radio Free Burrito. Both are very funny, and keep me very entertained while driving in my truck.

I recently added two new podcasts into my ipod that I have not actually listened to yet, but have heard GREAT things about. The first is Seattle Geekly and the second is The Nerdist.

Now the problem with all things great is there is never enough of it. As all of you know I love all things geek. When I started listening to these podcasts I downloaded every episode and started listening to them from the beginning. I know that there are others out there who crave and yearn for more things Geek, so thanks to my Brother-in-Law Matt who has, and continues to send me great content for this blog (Thanks Matt!), has given me a great idea!

You see Matt is thinking of starting a podcast on a subject that he finds important. I wont spill the details yet, but rest assured when its up and running I will be posting a link. At first when I heard he was starting a podcast I was impressed, but not interested. Then the more I heard about how much time and effort he is putting into it I got more and more interested. So I have no doubt that its going to be a great podcast and am looking forward to sending you guys his way when it comes out!

Now the other day I was driving in my truck listening to a podcast. As I was doing so I was thinking about two things, Matts podcast, and all the geeks that surround me in this area. I thought to myself wouldnt it be cool to do a podcast here in Olympia? As I thought about it more I got an even greater idea. What if I teamed up with my friend Gabi over at Olympic Cards and Comics and we did a podcast together? This would be good for the shop, and good for Geeks in the local area. We could review comics, and games, talk about upcoming events, maybe get a nerd interview or two. The more I thought on it the more awesome it sounded, but would Gabi approve? So in an effort to be clear of what I wanted to do I sent Gabi an email in the early morning. By about 3:00 that afternoon I was REALLY nervous because Gabi had not responded back to my email. I waited I think another hour or so and then I decided to call her. She picked up and I explained what I wanted to do, and much to my delight and glee she said YES!!!!!!!!!

So now comes the organization. Below I have constructed a short list of things needed to make this happen, and on a few I am asking for help, advice, and suggestions from anyone who might have experience in this area.

1. The Name – Every podcast needs a good name, and right now the only suggestion that has been made is The United Federation of Geeks Podcast. What do you think? Any others?

2. The Equipment – As far as software goes I plan to use Garage Band on my Mac Book, but I do need help with things like microphones, and digital recorders.

3. A Website – We of course will need a website for show notes and cool links. Anyone have any good suggestions there? I kinda already have a handle on this one as I am already neck deep in redoing a website for another group I am a part of, but I wont turn down any suggestions.

4. The Content – I know I listed some things up top, but what do you the future listener want to hear about, talk about, reviewed, or discussed?

Let the Super Secret Podcast Project Begin!!!!!!!!!!!!