The Ferris Wheel 12×18 Print


A beautiful image of the Ferris Wheel from Orlando FL. This image was taken on 35mm film on a Pentax SP camera.

25 in stock



Some time ago I took this image of a Ferris Wheel.  I am not going to say where I took it, but there is a story to the image.  I took the image on the top deck of the parking garage adjacent to the Ferris wheel.  After I had been there for several hours a security guard kicked me out saying I was not allowed to shoot with a tripod.

Later I reviewed their terms and conditions of the area and it turns out that they themselves allow themselves the right to video tape, record, photograph, and reproduce your likeness or even your voice from these recordings…all without compensation to the person.  So…I have absolutely no objections to selling this image.

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