55. Game Master Workshop

So its not like I didn’t have enough going on in my life right now, but something interesting has popped up. On tuesday of this week one of my friends here in WA is moving to Maryland. She has been a great member and wonderful player in our Shadowrun games. She sent me an email expressing a want to learn how to be a good Game Master, and asked if I would be willing to run a workshop about the subject. The thought had crossed my mind a time or two for one reason or another, but for some reason this time it stuck.

I started thinking about what I would want in a game master’s workshop. Putting some notes together I shot off some emails to some of my blogger friends asking them some questions. Turns out there are a lot of people out there who are interested in learning how to be a Game Master, and run various RPG games.

Over the last 48 hours I have had several thoughts on the subject…

1. Include a portion in our upcoming podcast dedicated to Game Master tips, tricks, and advice.
2. See if I can run an in-person workshop at a local con. To this end I have already sent off a few emails looking for interest.
3. Start posting about the subject here on my blog. I will probably do this regardless in order to get my thoughts on the subject put together.
4. Run an online, one shot workshop.

A couple other thoughts I had was to try and get a couple celebrity Game Masters at an in-person workshop to help draw interest. I have already started feeling out the waters on that one, but since I just started looking into that avenue today I have heard no response YET.

Having a Game Masters workshop I think is great! I know in my own gaming group we struggle to find good GM’s. There are always games that we want to play, but never someone to run them. I have been blessed to have several really good GM’s who have volunteered to run games in my group, and I appreciate their efforts a great deal.

So my question is…If you were attending a workshop about being a Game Master…What would you want to take away from it?