Hurricane Ian

One of the strangest things about an oncoming hurricane is the calm before the storm. Hurricane Ian is expected to make landfall sometime in the next 24 hours, and if you were to step outside and drop a pin, you’d hear it. There is no wind, not a single bird singing, nothing. Just absolute silence.

It won’t be that way long, because, as I mentioned, we have a hurricane headed right for us. Thankfully we do not live on the western side of Florida which will take the brunt of the storm and bring the category of Hurricane Ian down from a 4 to a 1 by the time it hits Orlando.

Stores were wiped out of all the normal things, bread, water, milk…which I always thought was an odd thing to buy before a storm. If the power goes out what are you going to do with all that milk?

Leslie and I are as prepared as we can be. We have stocked up on snacks, drinks, ice for the cooler, and more. Our yard items have been stowed and put away, and now we just wait. We have a list of movies we plan to watch, and when the power goes out, because it will, we both have lots of books to read.

So until next time please enjoy this image I took with my Holy Stone 700D Drone 500ft above Orlando.

Hurricane Ian approaches 2022

Also just a reminder that I have added a store to my website where you can buy prints. Currently I have 4 photos listed, and plan to add more in the coming weeks. I also plan to be adding some Lightroom Presets there soon as well, and some courses on how to take better photos in the future, so stay tuned.