It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late to start something new. It’s never too late to learn a new skill. It’s never to late to be a beginner at something. It’s never too late to fail, learn, and try again.

That should be all I have to say on that subject, but sadly we live on a planet that teaches us “If you didn’t start in your teens or 20’s it’s too late!” Want to know when its too late? 5 minutes before your death.

How many people have you known that have made it to 50, 60, 70, 80, etc. and said “I wish I had tried…” or “I wish I had learned…”? If it were possible to add up how many people had said some variance of these two phrases in their life I am sure the numbers would be astonishingly high! As long as you are living and breathing it’s never to late!

Forget the idea of putting in your 10,000 hours, and with that forget the idea that you have to “become a master” at something. You can do something for the sheer pleasure and joy of just doing it. You can learn something just because you want to know something, and you can create something just because you want it to exist and yet never share it with anyone.

We live in a reality now where it’s all about how many likes you got, or how many followers you have. Who cares? What I want to know is…did you enjoy making that thing, or learning that fact?

How many people would stop creating if they no longer had an audience to share it with?

Today a client asked me if it was too late to start growing his business on social media. They worried about their age, and thought the moment to create had passed them by, but that simply is not true. We can start something new at any age of our lives.

In my life I have been a student, a Mormon missionary, an ex-mormon, an EMT/Paramedic, a singer, a safety professional, business owner, fit freak, homeless, divorced, writer, sales leader, and a player of the viola. There is probably a lot more in all of that, and of course I left out things like photographer, lifeguard, and more.

The point is as we age we should always be trying new things and ideas. We should be learning new skills, facts, and concepts. And we should be creating new works of art, things, and nick-naks.

But what we shouldn’t be doing…ever…is saying…I am too old to start something new. I’m too late. Because it is NEVER too late to start.

3 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late

  1. You’re right Adam, it’s not to late even though I’m hitting my 6th decade. But some dreams need help. For instance my dream is to introduce the art of working with wood to one million people. I can’t do this by myself and would love a little help!!!

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