Playalinda Beach

This Friday I have a booked family photography session on the beach. So, like any good photographer I headed out to the beach to play around with some “test shots” on the beach. My wife and I decided to go to Playalinda Beach here in FL, and let me tell you…Playalinda Beach is now our favorite east coast beach in Florida.

For those of you like us who do not like packed and over crowded beaches Playalinda Beach is the beach for you. We parked at parking lot 11 and had 400 yards of beach in either direction pretty much to ourselves.

Now it is worth mentioning that at and around parking lot 13 nude sunbathing is allowed. This probably is why there are so few people and specifically children around this beach. Now while we did not venture down to lot 13 we did see 2 nude male sunbathers and 1 female. To be honest it was what it was and it really did not detract from our experience.

Playalinda Beach is also known to be the best beach to watch rocket launches from the Kennedy Space Center, and from our vantage point at lot 11 we could see the launch tower, and plan to go back for a launch in the future.

The waves were awesome, the water…warm, and overall was an absolute delight to visit. 10 out of 10 recommend.

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