I Went Ghost Hunting With My Wife

Three years ago on October 31st, I married my partner Leslie. Why Halloween you ask? Well, two reasons…

  1. It’s our favorite holiday
  2. Leslie needed date she could remember

Now, fast forward 1 year. Our first anniversary is close at hand, and Leslie and I decide we are going to celebrate by visiting St. Augustine and going ghost hunting at The Old Jail. Not the traditional way most couples celebrate their wedding but mind you Leslie and I are not your average couple. We do things our way and don’t care much for tradition.

Now we were excited to be there, and in hopes of catching a ghost, we bought a night vision camcorder, an EMF reader, some ghost sensors, and more. What we did not have is the experience we needed in filming. The majority of our footage was trash. No, I’m serious! It was Awful! Unusable! So the footage stayed locked away for two years.

Fast forward to today, October 31st, 2022 and Leslie and I have decided to return to the jail and do another ghost hunt. This time with better equipment, and new skills in filming and editing.

But before we head to St. Augustine we decided to dust off the old footage of our first hunt, and with some editing, and magic revisit our first hunt. So join us as we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary with this very special video.

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