2023 Goals

Each year I, like thousands, if not millions of people from around the world, sit down and try to write out some goals for the upcoming year. These goals usually act as a sort of flexible guide or hope for the upcoming year, at least for me that is. In years past my goals were lengthy, complicated, and usually multistep outlines, and I almost NEVER completed them as planned. Sometimes this would really upset me because I was so focused on the goal and end results that I forgot to enjoy the journey along the way.

So now, as I put pen to paper to write out my 2023 goals I do so with the knowledge that I may not accomplish these goals as planned. I may not accomplish them at all. Some might be replaced for other objectives and worthy pursuits, and some might evolve into something spectacular as the year progresses. Regardless of how the year plays out my plan is to work on these ideas, be flexible as the year goes by, and be open to the idea of pivoting when needed.

2023 Goals for Adam Scott

  1. Build up my photography business so that I am making $X,000 per month.
    • Since losing my job in June I have accepted the fact that working for someone else is not really in the cards for me. The times I am happiest are when I make enough money to pay bills and have the freedom to live my life my way. So this year I am working each and every day to build up my business in healthy and challenging ways.
      • I plan to add a pricing page to my website so individuals and companies know what they can expect to pay when working with me.
      • I plan to continue seeking out local businesses to help them grow through sales, marketing, and photography.
      • Continue growing my Freelance work on Fiverr.
      • I will be working on a very cool Kickstarter campaign this year that will involve models from all over the world in an effort to create a custom Tarot Card Deck.
      • I will be adding new products to my store for print.
      • I will be creating a vintage and very classy spicey card deck with 12 models and releasing 6 cards from each model once per month, with collectors set to be offered this time next year.
  2. Lose 52lbs
    • It is no secret that I have put on more weight than I would like. However this year I am going to focus on my movement and health by doing the following…
      • Complete 36,000 kettlebell swings this year
      • Run 365 miles this year
      • Complete 10,000 pushups, pullups, and squats
      • Train safely and work toward a 400lbs deadlift and squat
  3. Produce 24 YouTube Videos
    • It is my hope to get monetized on YouTube this year.
  4. Write 52 Blog Posts
    • This blog needs content – What can I say? But I would also like to pair up with other creatives and find authors that would like to contribute to this blog, as well as write on other blogs too.
  5. Go on a vacation somewhere far away with my wife.
    • Due to money, Leslie and I were not able to go on vacation this year. The first year without of our relationship, and I intend to fix that problem.

So there you have it. My 2023 goals. What do you all think?

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