My Thoughts on trump Being Back on Twitter

So I learned tonight that Twitter and it’s new owner has reinstated trumps account. For many of us trump, his supporters, and his twitter account were a constant and never ending source of anxiety and fear. Each morning we would wake up wondering what had happened in the night, and had the end finally come.

When Twitter and other social media platforms decided to ban trump it was a small glimmer of hope. Not a large one, but it was still there, and the reprieve from his hateful, racist, and uneducated words brought a breath of fresh air, so to say. Since then trump ran off to create his own social media platform and TBH I have not thought much about him, or the things he says since, but it does concern me that after all he has done, and all he is under investigation for, how someone could think giving him a voice or platform is the right thing to do. Twitters new owner says he is ushering in an era of “free speech” but free speech does not protect you from the consequences of those words, and trumps words had many many consequences.

Since the announcement people have been leaving Twitter by the thousands. I personally know people who woke up minus 4000 followers just from people choosing to delete their account, rather then participate in a platform that gives trump any amount of voice.

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this, and am struggling to decide what I will do next. Not that I think my personal choice will impact or influence anyone, but I do believe we are on the ledge of some serious choices that will soon have to be made.

Over the last 24 hours, like so many others, I’ve had a series of impulse reactions including considering deleting my Twitter account all together. Looking at global internet trends I seem to not be the only person considering such action. Searches for “Twitter alternatives” have increased all across the net, and several creators I follow have started new accounts with various platforms such as Tumblr, Vero, and something called Mastodon.

Does this mean I’m leaving? I honestly don’t know. Twitter is certainly on a downward decline. But, for now, I’m withholding action. I’ve enjoyed Twitter over the years and I’d hate to see it disappear or be forced to leave. But all good things come to an end & maybe it’s time.

All I know for certain is that social media companies continue to show a certain disregard for it’s users, and it convinces me more and more that the solution is to just continue running this, my own site, where I control the content, and don’t have to worry about changes to TOS, algorithm’s, or being shadow banned.

So, till next time, keep safe, drink your water, and make good art!


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