Where Have I Been

You have probably noticed a lack of posts over the last two weeks and wondered…Where have I been? Let’s be honest you probably did not think that, and truth be told we all have lives to live and me not posting probably didn’t even cross your mind. That’s ok.

But I have been absent the last two weeks and probably will continue to be absent for at least another week. In the last two weeks I have traveled to Great Falls Montana, San Fransico CA, Los Angeles CA, Tempe AZ, and a few more cities in and around those areas. This coming week I will be traveling to Colorado, Oregon, California (again), and Hawaii.

The last two weeks have been an adventure, to say the least, and I have had my camera in hand at every opportunity, taking photos of my travels.

Some of these images have garnered an emotional reaction on my Instagram. So much so that I ordered a batch of postcards to be sent out to those interested. The postcard will feature one of the images above, but I am not telling which one. Those who want a postcard will just have to wait by the mailbox and be surprised.

I promise to update you on all my travels and such in the future, but for now, enjoy these images and I will see you next I get a chance.

Till then have a great day and make good art.

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